Extra-Curricular Activities
We are delighted to offer the following opportunities to the pupils across P1-P7.  These clubs have run successfully for the last 2 terms but we want to ensure that all children get the opportunity to participate.  If your child has had a place before they may still be offered one but priority will go to those who have not had the experience yet.
Please note that if your child signs up for a club they are expected to be committed for the term.  If your child is unable to make a club afterschool then you must contact the school office to let us know.  Otherwise a call will need to be made home.
As Spaces for these clubs are limited please log into parentpay before Friday 18th January 2019 to complete registration for your child’s chosen activity.  If you are unable to book your chosen activity via parentpay, please contact the school office for assistance.
Stage Day Time Activity Staff
P1-P3 Monday Lunchtime Club Multisport Mr Simpson
P4-P7 Monday 3.30-4.15 Football Mr Simpson
P2 & P3 Tuesday 3.30-4.15 Sports Club Miss Martin
P4-P7 Tuesday Lunchtime Club Hockey Miss Martin
P1-P3 Wednesday Lunchtime Club Gymnastics Miss Douglas
(Modern Apprentice)
P4-P7 Wednesday 3.30-4.30 Gymnastics Miss Douglas (Modern Apprentice) and Mrs Wilkie
P4-P7 Thursday 3.30-4.30 Athletics Miss Forrest
P4-P7 Thursday Lunchtime Club Choir Miss McCann
If, as a parent, you would like to offer the children an experience then please do not hesitate to get in touch.  We will do all that we can to support you!
Yours faithfully,

Lynne Mendes
Acting Headteacher