Welcome to Our Lady’s RC Primary School

Our Lady’s Primary school was built in 1968 and is situated in a large grassy area in close proximity to the Parish church, Our Lady of Lourdes.


19-04-2021 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 19-04-2021 12:35

End Time: 19-04-2021 13:35

Additional Info: Chicken Sausages with Gravy & Diced Potatoes Cheese & Tomato Pizza with Diced Potatoes (V) Sweetcorn Crusty Bread Banana Loaf with Fruit. (V) Vegetarian

20-04-2021 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 20-04-2021 12:35

End Time: 20-04-2021 13:35

Additional Info: Carrot & Cucumber Sticks Pasta Bolognese with Broccoli Baked Potato and Cheese with Coleslaw (V) Crusty Bread. (V) Vegetarian

21-04-2021 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 21-04-2021 12:35

End Time: 21-04-2021 13:35

Additional Info: Chicken Burger in a Roll* with Diced Potatoes Vegeballs in BBQ Sauce with Pasta (Ve) Carrots Crusty Bread Cheese & Crackers with Fruit. * May contain sesame seeds (Ve) Vegan

22-04-2021 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 22-04-2021 12:35

End Time: 22-04-2021 13:35

Additional Info: Melon Wedge Chicken Curry with Rice Quorn Roll* with Diced Potatoes (V) Peas Crusty Bread. * May contain sesame seeds (V) Vegetarian

23-04-2021 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 23-04-2021 12:35

End Time: 23-04-2021 13:35

Additional Info: Fish Fingers with Chips Tomato Pasta (V) Mixed Vegetables Crusty Bread Ice Cream with Fruit. (V) Vegetarian