Our Lady’s is part of the North Perth Integrated Community School initiative where we work closely within a multi-agency approach to achieve better outcomes for our young people. The school building is bright and spacious and there is a happy, caring and engaging ethos.
At Our Lady’s we are committed to developing happy, responsible, caring children while encouraging self-respect, respect for others, self-discipline and independence. We aim to ensure all-round development of children not only physically and intellectually but also spiritually, emotionally, socially and morally through the awareness of the individual child’s needs and interests.

Mrs Lynne Mendes

Headteacher (Child Protection Officer)

Mrs Lisa Brown

Depute Headteacher (Child Protection Officer)

Miss Ward

P1/2 Primary Class Teacher

Mrs McDowell

P3 Primary Class Teacher (Mon, Tues, Wed)

Mrs MacLeod

P2 Primary Class Teacher

Mrs Sharkey

P4 Primary Class Teacher

Mrs Wilkie

P1 Primary Class Teacher (Tue-Fri)

Mrs Jones

P7 Class Teacher

Miss Tulloch

P6 Class Teacher

Mrs Barr

Primary Class Teacher – RCCT

Mrs Scott

ELCC Teacher (Child Protection Officer)

Miss MacLeod

Early Childhood Practitioner (Child Protection Officer)

Miss McNair

Early Childhood Practitioner

Mrs Duncan

Early Childhood Practitioner (First Aider)

Mrs MacDonald

Early Childhood Practitioner (First Aider)