If your child will be five before the last day of February 2020 then it will soon be time to enrol them for school.
If your child will be five on or before that date you should register your child to start school during the January registration week, which in 2019 will be week commencing 14 January 2019.
The next school session begins on Wednesday 21 August 2019.
If your child is five between 22 August 2019 and 29 February 2020 they are eligible to start school on Wednesday 21 August 2019. and you should register your child for primary school during the January 2019 registration week. However, nearer to the start of the school year you may wish to delay your child's entry to school if you think that they are not ready to start.
How do I register my child for primary school at the start of school?
To apply for a school place:
  • Know your catchment area.  You can visit your local catchment area primary school during the January registration week.
  • Bring your child's birth certificate and also your current Council Tax notice and a recent utility bill.  If you are registering at a denominational school and your child has been baptised you must also take their baptismal certificate.
  • Complete the pupil  registration form .  The form is also available in other languages in our download section.