Dear Parent/Carer,                                                                                                                    
Severe Weather – Emergency Closures
I would like to remind you of the procedures that we have in place in the event of a school closure.  The fundamental consideration when considering a school closure will always be the safety of pupils. 
In the event of a poor forecast the night before and severe conditions at the time, a decision may be taken early on a school day to close the school to all pupils.  It is also possible that a decision may be taken to open the school only partially i.e. for those pupils who live locally, but not for those on school transport. 
In the event of a bad weather forecast or conditions worsening significantly during a school day, a decision may be taken to send pupils home early.  In many cases this will be because the bus companies have contacted the school to inform us that they require to transport pupils to rural locations.  Pupils who are transported to school by school transport will be sent home first, then, if necessary, pupils who live locally.  If it is unlikely that there would be someone at home at this earlier time, I would encourage you, over the forthcoming cold period, to make alternative care arrangements, and ensure your child is aware of these arrangements eg alternative contact telephone numbers. 
Should severe weather conditions continue, the school may remain closed for more than one day. However, a separate decision will be taken each morning, and you should therefore re-check the sources below on any subsequent days.
In the event of an extended school closure, appropriate work for your child will be accessible via the School App and the official twitter school site - @OurLadyRRS
Any decisions/updates will be communicated via the following sources:
Local Radio Stations - Radio Tay will be used in all instances and is the main source of information.   The other stations will only be updated in the event that the severe weather is widespread and is not a localised situation:  
  • Radio Tay AM                           1584 and 1161
  • Radio Tay FM                           96.4 and 102.8
  • Radio Heartland FM                  97.5 and 106.6
  • Radio Central FM                     103.1
School App – The first communication method to be updated will be the School App.
Email - We will endeavour to advise you of developing or actual situations via email.
Perth and Kinross Council Website - You can find closure updates on the Perth and Kinross Council website.  Log onto and go into the link ‘Information for you’ listed at the bottom of the page, and then into the link ‘school closures’.
Perth and Kinross Council Customer Service Centre - (Available from 08:00 hours to 18:00 hours) However this line may operate from 07:00 hours in exceptional circumstances. Dial 01738 475000.
School and PKC Twitter and Facebook – You can also find information on Twitter and Facebook by logging onto
Yours faithfully,
Mrs Lynne Mendes
Acting Headteacher